Psychic Medium Readings to Connect to a Lost Loved One 

Psychic Medium Readings

Before you try medium readings, it definitely worth it to put some thought into what you want to get out of it and what your expectations should be. Regardless of the type of divination tools used or the psychic skills your reader possesses, a good psychic will be able to provide you with some insight and help you to connect with your inner power to make important decisions. But if you’re looking for a way to connect with a loved one who has crossed over then you’ll want to go to a psychic that specializes in this field. These psychics are often referred to as mediums.

How a Medium can Help

Mediums work in a variety of ways. For some, their role is to provide evidence that life continues even after you cross over. A medium can also work to connect clients to loved ones and pass messages from a loved one who has crossed over to the client in order to verify that they have made the connection.

A medium can talk about past times, special objects, or preferences that the client will recognize. During this type of reading, the information that’s passed to the medium doesn’t usually go beyond saying anything that can really confirm that a connection has been made.

Other mediums will make a connection to people who have crossed over, but they’ll also offer specific insights regarding what’s going on in the client’s life. While some of these readings are often offered in a lighter manner, some can be very profound and enlightening. During this type of situation, it may be possible for the client to verify the information that’s been given by the medium even if they’re unable to determine who is giving it to the medium.

This can occur if the medium is connecting with their own spirit guide or the client’s spirit guide. A spirit guide can be a person who has crossed over, or they can be souls who have never met the person they’re guiding.

A reputable medium will tell you that it’s not always possible to contact a specific person. This means that if you have a reading in the hopes of connecting with a specific loved one who has crossed over, it’s crucial that you avoid the medium who guarantees that they can connect you.

What to Do and Not to Do During a Medium Reading

If you’ve considered sitting with a medium to resolve unanswered questions, or if you’re in search of closure or comfort, we can shed some light on the differences of the medium and the psychic and what you should and shouldn’t do during an intense reading.

In simple terms, the difference between the medium and the psychic is that the psychic tunes into a person’s energy field and can pick up or sense information about that person and their life. A medium will connect with spirits. So, as you can see, their jobs are very different. While not all psychics are mediums, all mediums are psychic. A genuine medium isn’t a fortune teller. Most mediums will work on a very spiritual level.

There is nothing scary, evil, or dark about the work of mediums. Many will not bring religion into their work; however, some do.

Now, let’s delve into the dos and don’ts when it comes to seeking the help of a medium.

First off, many mediums will deal with clients who are very skeptical of the entire experience. If you’re seeking a medium’s help but you’re also out to prove them wrong; you’re simply wasting your own time and the medium’s time.

When you go to your reading, don’t play games with the medium. Be honest and don’t make it your goal to trip up the medium. Again, this is just a waste of time for both of you. A good medium will know when you’re trying to test them.

Make sure you ask if open communication with the medium is okay during a session. If they agree, make sure you give them simple yes or no answers to any questions they may ask.

Before your appointment, focus on what you want to get out of the session. Speak out loud to let those in spirit know who you want to hear from during your appointment. This can also be done during meditation or mind talk.

Medium Reading

If you know who you want to talk to, make sure you discuss this with the medium before the session begins so they can attempt to contact a specific spirit. Again, it’s important, to be honest with the medium. A genuine one will not have to fish for information from you in order to prove they have made a connection with a being on the other side.

Know when your appointment is over. If your medium has made a connection with someone on the other side but it’s not the connection you were hoping for you must accept that the connection cannot be made at that time.

Bottom line:

Make sure you have a clear understanding of exactly what a medium does before you make an appointment. A medium doesn’t do it all. Know what you’re looking for. If you want your palm read, you need the services of a palm reader. If you want your cards read, you need a tarot card reader. Many people mistakenly believe that the psychic or medium is a jack of all trades and can offer a variety of services when this is often not the case.

How can you Tell a Fake Medium from the Real Deal?

Obviously not every person who claims to be a medium will be the genuine article. And it can be harder than you think to find a skilled medium, but it’s not impossible. A fake medium will guarantee they can connect with anyone you’re trying to reach, they may give you information that’s generic or vague or simply too good to be true, and they will refuse to answer simple questions about the person they are communicating with that can verify they have made the connection.

There are real mediums out there. If you’re serious about connecting with one, visit medium forums where you can interact with people who have met with local mediums and learn about their experience. Because it can be difficult to find a real medium, you can expect to do a little traveling, but if the medium you’re traveling to is, in fact, the real deal, the experience will be totally worth it.