Keen.Com Review Review

Keen is a psychic readings website that boasts they employ hundreds of professional psychics. However, we aren’t sure exactly what they mean when by their claim that their psychics are certified. While they do offer the largest directory of psychics to choose from, whether or not these psychics are the real deal remains to be seen. And for a cost that ranges from four up to almost nine dollars a minute, they better have a pretty rigorous screening process for their employees.

We decided to do a Keen.Com review once we learned about this site’s going rate and their claim that they offer the largest, best psychic network in the world.

What Services are Offered from Keen?

For new customers, Keen offers the first three minutes free. In order to get this deal, you’ll have to create an account and provide billing and payment information.

A site that allows you to choose from hundreds of psychics is bound to offer more services than their competitors. So, we weren’t surprised to learn that they do in fact offer an extensive list of reading options ranging from numerology and astrology to mediums and tarot card readings. These readings are available by live chat or phone.

Each psychic has their own profile page where they describe their areas of expertise, any relevant qualifications and experience, and the types of methods they use during a reading.

Each psychic also has their own rating. These ratings are given based on client experience, so new site visitors can get a feel of what type of reading experience and quality to expect based on the psychic’s star rating. However, it appears that the psychics with the best ratings also charge the most.

When you’ve finally decided on a psychic you want to speak with, all you have to do is click the call button on their profile. If the psychic you want isn’t available, you can set a timer and have them call you back, or contact you via online chat.

Psychic Ratings


Because the company values client feedback, they offer a survey at the end of a session and will award clients who fill it out with a few free minutes towards their next call.

When it comes to pricing, this aspect can be a little confusing to new customers. Basically, the psychics set their own rates per minute. The average price is around two dollars a minute, but we did find a few psychics that offers a price of one dollar and fifty cents a minute. Of course, we also came across prices as high as twenty-six dollars per minute, so you’ll need to be extra careful when you choose your psychic and pay close attention to each individual reader’s going rate.

As a new customer, you’ll get three minutes free towards a reading, but as we mentioned, you’ll first need to register and create a user account.

Aside from the price, you’ll also want to pay attention to the chat options. While some psychics provide readings via phone or live chat, many of the psychics are phone readings only, which can be pretty limiting for consumers who are searching for a less intimidating approach and prefer the live chat option.


Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee which means you can get a refund of up to twenty-five dollars towards an additional reading.

The site layout is user friend and pretty streamlined. You can go straight to the advisors list and look at the hundreds of psychics available under different categories including love and relationships, psychic readings, life questions, and tarot readings just to name a few. If you find a psychic you like you can bookmark their page for faster access for your next reading.

You can also check out their horoscope section to get free readings daily.

Their articles section is also split up into categories including love advice, psychic advice, tarot advice, spiritual advice, and astrology advice. Or you can checkout the Keen blog to read a few words of wisdom that are posted a couple of times a month.


The customer service was a little disappointing for some consumers because it’s solely web based, with no telephone communication available whatsoever. However, you can reach the customer service team twenty-four hours a day via email or live chat, so there’s no waiting around.

We did a little digging around concerning how Keen’s psychics earned their certification, but as far as we could tell the company doesn’t have any type of strict screening process for their psychic lineup, unlike other psychic sites such as Psychic Source, who are known to only hire the best psychics in the industry. Keen’s lack of a screening process for their psychics means that getting a good read can be a total hit or miss experience and considering their higher prices, most people aren’t willing to take the chance.

Additionally, we were disappointed that many of the psychics only gave phone readings instead of the live online chat option.

Final Thoughts

Keen has been in business for over a decade, so they must be doing something right. While you may run into people who haven’t had a positive experience using this service, you’ll also find that reading quality is heavily based on the psychic chosen, and with hundreds of psychics to choose from, this part of the reading experience can be a little overwhelming. If you’re willing to pay big for a psychic with a higher consumer rating, then you’ll enjoy a great reading that will probably make you want to come back for more, but the real problem is that most consumers can’t afford to become regular users. We wish Keen would take a page out of their competitor’s book and instead charge reasonable prices that would give lower income visitors a chance to speak with the more popular psychics, but as it is, you get what you pay for. Would we recommend Keen as the go-to psychic service? If you’re on a tight budget, absolutely not. But if you have the money to spare, we recommend splurging on one of their top rated psychics for a short fun reading that will brighten your week and give you some insightful information.