Cheap Psychic Readings for Your First Visit

Cheap Psychic Readings

Do cheap psychic readings exist? That depends really on what you consider cheap. The cheapest readings we found were through Psychic Source.Com, offering readings for just under two dollars a minute. However, we did come across a few psychics on Keen.Com that offer a per minute rate of a buck fifty, although most of their psychics charged insanely high fees ranging from two dollars up to twenty-five.  Your best bet will be finding a service that charges just under two dollars for a short reading.

Considering even that comes off as expensive, especially if you have a lot on your mind, we recommend writing down the questions and thoughts you have and what you want to get out of psychic medium readings before you call. You’d be surprised at how much time is wasted when it comes to the caller struggling to come up with what to ask a psychic.

But if you’re a total newbie and you’ve never called or messaged a psychic before, there are plenty of things to keep in mind before you make that call or hit that chat now button. So read on to learn what to expect from medium readings and how you can get the most out of your personal psychic at a price you can afford.

How to Handle Your First Psychic Reading

Once you’ve found a reasonably priced psychic service you’re then ready to take the plunge. A reading is pretty much like a one on one meeting with a counselor. Initially, you may be skeptical so this first session will be more about you overcoming your doubts and determining whether or not the person you’re speaking to is legitimate.

During your first session, it will be the psychic’s job to do a reading and provide you with evidence that they’re genuine. A good psychic will spend plenty of time dedicated to providing you with evidence that they have the gift. They probably won’t predict your future or jump into telling you that you’ll meet a handsome stranger within the upcoming weeks, but instead, they’ll offer general advice and attempt to provide insightful information regarding your path in life. For some, this information will seem generic, while for others, they’ll feel that a complete stranger is providing important evidence about their life that points to the fact that the psychic they’ve chosen is the real deal.

Aside from offering up evidence that indicates you’ve chosen your psychic wisely, the psychic should also provide practical and useful information about your situation. A great psychic reading will provide clients with a better understanding of the people in their lives and a better understanding of themselves. Psychics will also discuss the aspects of life that should be focused on.

What You Shouldn’t Expect from a Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

While a psychic can offer insights into many things, there are some things you shouldn’t expect from your reading, such as medical or legal advice, decisions, casting curses or spells, or inside information about family or friends.

Surprisingly, many people call psychics for important legal or medical advice, or to make important decisions for their clients. It’s not a psychic’s job to make life changing decisions for you. Their primary task is to help you see where you stand and who you are so you can make better decisions for yourself.

Basically, don’t ask your psychic to do anything unethical.

What to Keep in Mind During Your Reading

A reading isn’t set in stone. You’re the one with the power to change the outcome of your reading. The future is always changing. If you don’t like your reading it will be up to you to change your path in life.

A psychic is a human being. Each psychic is unique and does a reading their own way. Try to refrain from making suggestions during a reading in order to shape it according to what you desire or what you want to hear.

Keep in mind that some of these services don’t use very rigorous screening methods when hiring their psychics, so we recommend taking a reading with a grain of salt. A reading should be a fun and relaxing experience. You shouldn’t hang up the phone once the reading is over feeling stressed or worried.

As we have mentioned, even for cheap psychic readings you should be prepared. You want to call or live chat with a list of questions prepared in order to get the most out of your reading.

Always be honest during a reading. If your psychic says something that’s true, don’t deny it. If you feel that what he or she is saying isn’t accurate, you can feel free to disagree. But it’s better to politely disagree if you feel that they don’t understand what they’re talking about. Don’t hang up or log out of a session feeling that you didn’t understand your session. If you’re uncertain about what was said or confused, don’t be afraid to speak up.

After Your Reading

Once your reading is over, take some time for yourself to reflect on what was said and how you feel. Some people even recommend writing down what was said and everything that occurred during a meeting so you can read it back after a session for a better understanding or a chance to analyze the conversation.

But what happens if you use a cheap psychic service and you feel that it was a total waste of money? There are many sites dedicated to psychic readings that will offer a full refund if their clients are unsatisfied with their readings. While some will provide you with a refund on the card you used to pay for the service, others will only offer a refund that’s good towards another psychic reading. Before you try one of these services makes sure you read psychic reading reviews and take a closer look at the site to become familiar with the different services offered and what their refund or client satisfaction policies are like.