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We’re excited to announce that Psychic Source, the most respected network since 1989, is offering all of our beloved visitors an absolutely free 5-minute psychic reading!

This is the perfect opportunity if you’re currently looking for some guidance in any area of your life and have never used this network before!  We highly recommend the company for accurate, honest readings.

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Click To Get Your FREE 5 Minute Reading!

Click To Get Your FREE 5 Minute Reading!

Our #1 Recommended Psychic Website

Our Recommended Network

For over 30 years, Psychic Source has been known as a top tier network, and their reputation precedes them.  They are widely respected as one of the oldest and most trusted psychic networks.  They employ only the most skilled and intuitive advisers.

Each adviser in the company is thoroughly vetted to ensure their abilities are on par.  All applicants to the network must successfully pass a number of tests before being certified.  This ensures that all customers have access to the very best advisers and the very best guidance.


  • Reputable company with over 30 years in business
  • Renowned for their highly-accurate advisers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – If you are not happy, it’s FREE!
  • Offers vetted, accurate and gifted live psychics
  • Home to certified spirit guides, clairvoyants, tarot readers and astrologers
  • Network is available 24/7, 7 days a week
  • Feel comfortable, even if it’s your first time using the service
  • Free love compatibility test and daily horoscopes
  • Featured on Lifetime TV & Good Morning America
  • Get a 5 minute reading ABSOLUTELY FREE for first-time customers
Click To Get Your FREE 5 Minute Reading!

Why Should You Get a Psychic Reading By Phone?

Many people interested in getting advice might question whether a phone reading provides the same accuracy as a personal reading. It’s common for people to be concerned since they aren’t sure if they need to be present at a reading to get the very best results. The good news is that a phone reading is just as accurate as one that is done face-to-face.

Psychics work by using their abilities to see things beyond our comprehension to provide guidance. This skill requires the adviser to have a personal link with the you, yet it is not necessary for you to be in the same room. The method of communication is unimportant.

As long as you and the guide are able to verbally interact, a precise reading can be given.

When trying to determine if a phone reading is the right choice, you need to consider if the psychic is providing valuable expertise or needed info. Among the major reasons people count on spiritual advisers is because they are searching for answers to a concern or are trying to find a solution to a troubling situation.

Many people may have had a particular problem for years before seeking out an adviser. A phone reading is a very easy method for a person to receive the aid or answers they need.

Many advisers have the ability to offer advice when someone is bothered about something. Psychics who are able to work as a connection between the living and the dead may be able to assist a person what wants to know about a deceased loved one.

Some guides are able to use insight which can help the customer out of uncomfortable scenarios. Such awareness may help the customer identify a worry, or enable them to understand something that has been troubling them.

An excellent guide should easily be able to provide a reading both face to face and over the phone. The method of interaction should not matter. Phone calls can still provide exclusive, personal conversations, which is all that is required for an authentic psychic reading.

Just as people use telephones as a way to stay in touch and keep personal connections with friends and family across the world, a phone reading can work just as well as an in-person session.

Most psychics who provide phone readings do so because they are comfortable with that kind of interaction. While each adviser has their own style of reading, most can easily obtain a sense of the customer simply by hearing them speak.

Now that you know that advisers can be accurate even remotely, it is easy to see why a phone reading is an excellent alternative to an in-person session. The phone allows you to speak with a spiritual adviser from the privacy of your own home, without the time and hassle of driving anywhere.

In short, getting helpful advice, even if it’s over the phone, can be both comfortable and convenient!

Top 10 Reasons To Get A Psychic Reading By Phone

Psychics are sought out for a wide variety of reasons. They are known for helping those that require support getting through tough places in their lives. If you are unsure whether or not you’d like to get a reading, here are 10 reasons that might help.

1.  A reading can aid you if you want to speak with a loved one who has passed on. This can specifically assist if you need closure. Psychics can assist you reach your loved ones to tell them you love them and to let you know that they are in a great place.

2.  Households experiencing tension and discord can benefit significantly from a reading. Advisers can help guide family members, aiding them to heal whatever bonds have been broken.

3.  If you are at a crossroads in your career, think about getting a reading. Career advice a hot topic for many advice-seekers and you might be able to get the push you need to make that big decision.

4.  Psychic guidance can be very helpful in regards to your finances.  Advisers commonly help those who believe they might be getting a large sum of cash, or may be facing troubles financially.

5.  Many people go to a psychic when they are worried about a loved one’s health, or even their own. A positive reading can put your mind at ease if you are burdened with health-related concerns.

6.  A psychic can guide you if you are seeking love. Unsure whether the person you are dating is truly right for you? An adviser can provide understanding that can clear up any doubts you might have.

7.  Psychics can also help those experiencing problems in relationships. If you find yourself in an unhappy partnership and would also like to understand what the future holds, an adviser can assist with that.

8.  Finances are an additional area which a psychic guide you. They can direct you in the right direction in issues such as financial investments and stocks.

9.  If you are facing legal problems, an adviser can guide you down the right path and provide recommendations on a course of action to take.

10.  When you are lost and don’t know which way to turn, a gifted adviser can shed some much needed light on your situation. Numerous psychics have provided people the insight to make smart decisions in all aspects of life.

11.  BONUS REASON: You can now get a free 5 minute psychic reading, absolutely free at our favorite network.  Just setup a free account and the Psychic Source promo code will be automatically applied to your account.

These are just a few of the instances which spiritual adviser can help. If you have any kind of life problem, you may discover that a reading can be one of the best things you can do to get your life back on the path to happiness..

Why Choose A Psychic Website Over An Independent?

Psychic readings are more popular than ever before because advisers are more easily accessible online. Thanks to these websites, people who are incapable or unwilling to drive are able to choose from a large pool of advisers to get a reading.

Before websites were readily available, a person needed to peruse the yellow pages for an excellent psychic and then invest hard-earned money and time driving to the adviser to get a reading. When relying solely on this method they would risk not being able to find a great adviser in their area.

An online network is perfect because it allows people to connect with great advisers outside of their local area.

Although it’s possible to discover a good independent psychic, the process can be very difficult. Independents do not have to answer to upper management or follow with a code of ethics. This means that it is very easy for phony advisers to market themselves as genuine in an independent setup.

Another downside to independents is that time and travel must be invested in order to receive a reading. In addition, independents will certainly bill a level fee up front. If, during the reading, you become dissatisfied, you won’t be able to get your cash back.

You’ll have none of these problems with a psychic website.

Websites like Psychic Source protect their customers from fake advisers by vetting them thoroughly before joining the network. It is in the network’s best interest to only provide authentic advisers – no business wishes to tarnish their brand with poor testimonials.

Another advantage is that you are permitted to terminate the reading any time and you will only be charged for the minutes spent on the phone, rather than the whole allotted time. Moreover, the reading can be done from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Say goodbye to calling and driving all around town trying to find the most authentic adviser. The insight you’re looking for can be found right from your computer or mobile phone!

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