9 Signs That Passed Loved Ones Are Still Here

Discover The Subtle Signs To Look Out For…  And Finally Put Your Mind At Ease

My grandfather was very sick but we were grateful we could care for him in the comfort of his own home.

He suffered from a multitude of medical problems and he could not communicate during his last days in the physical world.

After his passing, life was different. 

It was surreal.

My life was forever changed, but the world around me continued to move on as usual.

And even though I knew he was in a better place, there was still a part of me that wanted to know that he was OK.

I wanted to know if he was at peace and if would continue to be with me and my family…

Even from the other side.

Not long after his death I started noticing strange things happening…

I noticed pennies on the sidewalk, in parking lots, and other strange places you wouldn’t expect.

I saw the numbers 222, 333 and 555 everywhere – on clocks, receipts and license plates.

I sometimes glance up while outside for no reason at all and see hummingbirds hovering nearby.  Sometimes they would buzz by just an arms length away from my head!

I saw signs everywhere – signs from my grandfather – and I feel warm comfort knowing he is still with me, watching over me, and will always be by my side.

Our loved ones are always sending signs to let us know they are still here with us.

Most people go about their day not even noticing that their loved ones are reaching out.

That’s because they don’t know what a sign looks like…

Top 9 Signs That A Passed Loved One Will Send To You


#1.  Apparitional Smells

Usually after a person dies, the first thing family members might notice is the sudden appearance of spirit-like smells which are memories of the person who has died.

These scents can be cologne or perfume, cut flowers, pipe smoke or cigars, gasoline, the smell of wood or even coffee perking.

When this ghostly smell happens, in a sense, the person is being brought back if only momentarily.

#2.  Dreams

Dreams are by far the easiest way for the dead to communicate.

When a dream is especially vivid about a loved one it may be him or her making contact.

The dream world is one of the easiest areas for the dead to give us messages.

Often the dead will use symbols to relay their feelings and thoughts. Pay attention to those messages.

#3.  The Sudden Appearance of Meaningful Objects

The sudden appearance of meaningful objects, ones that are associated with the loved one indicates they are trying to contact or relay some message.

This could be an article turning up that belonged to a deceased loved one, or another item that relates to them and their lives spent on earth.

These could be any number of belongings: old checks, funeral cards, letters, pictures, items of clothing, letters or cards.

#4.  Spirit Touches

It can be disconcerting when a spirit touches you, but it does happen.

You can be patted, touched and even pushed by spirits.

But when the spirit touches you in a soft or caressing way, oftentimes it is a deceased relative or friend reassuring you.

Sometimes it may feel as if a hand has been placed on your shoulder or waist, at other times it may feel as a full caress.

#5.  Hearing the Voices of Deceased Loved Ones

This usually happens when your mind has gone on autopilot and you are thinking of something or someone else entirely.

Behind you, you may hear someone say your name but when you turn no one is there.

You may ask if someone called out to you, and usually the answer will be “no.” Sometimes the voice will be recognizable or only a faint whisper.

#6.  Knocking Sounds

These tend to sound like they are coming from inside a wall, another room, or sometimes will sound as if someone is knocking on the door.

This tends to happen soon after a person’s death. It simply means, “Hello, I made it. I’m still around but I’m also in this other place.”

#7.  What Small Children Say

Children often remain very pure because they are closer to heaven than we are.

After all, they have just left heaven or the astral plane to join us in the visible world or the world of matter.

Pay attention when small children talk of relatives or people you knew but they didn’t.

Unfortunately, as children grow older this connection to the spirit world is often lost.

#8.  Pets Act Strangely

Animals are also sensitive to spirits and may bark at empty areas or look at certain parts of the house and act on guard.

You can never be sure what this is because they may remember someone being in that area or they could have actually heard something outside.

But just as often, the pet can sense or see entities that we cannot.

#9.  Seeing Shapes and Forms in Your Peripheral Vision

It is rare to see a spirit dead on, as in a full-bodied apparition.

If you do happen to see a full-bodied apparition, typically the person will look exactly as they did in life.

However, it is more common to see spirits as shapes and forms in your peripheral or side vision.

Connecting with Passed Loved Ones

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