5 Reasons To Walk Out On A Psychic Reading

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I’m just gonna come right out and say it: psychics get a bad rap.

You know exactly what I’m talking about – the word psychic definitely conjures up images of madames in bejeweled turbans taking money from their desperate victims.

Today I want to talk about when you need to high tail it out of a reading and how to spot a fake..

#1  They Ask For More Money

A psychic should never ask you for more money to remove a curse, cast a spell to find you love, or to light a candle to clear your energy. Pricing should be told to you upfront and there shouldn’t ever be talk of add-ons for extra perks.

#2  They Ask For Gifts

A psychic should never ask you to buy them “gifts” to help them see better. The fact is no amount of jewels will help a psychic see better – either they can or they can’t. If they’re asking for gifts, the fact is that they are taking you to the cleaners and the only gift they are blessed with is manipulation.

#3  They “Fish” For Answers

A psychic should never fish to try to get information from you by asking a ton of questions and then repeating back to you (with added flair) what you just said – this person is definitely not the real deal. People who are truly psychic can tell you a lot about your life without hardly any other information. Seriously – all I need is a voice and I can go on for hours!

#4  They Have Poor or Few Reviews

A psychic worth checking out should come with great reviews or word of mouth! Sure there are absolutely fab psychics you can meet on the street – but I hold true to psychic work the same as I hold true to my stylist. If someone I know has good hair and they love their stylist and are happy with their results, chances are I probably will be too. Reviews are key and a good psychic will have plenty of reviews to solidify their reputation.

#5  They Treat You Like a Puppet

There should never be manipulation – after all, you’re paying for a psychic reading, not a chiropractic adjustment. If you’re ever in a reading and the psychic starts going down the road of manipulation – walk straight out of that office and never go back. Those are the psychics that give the name a bad rap and as a result, people are wary of what can truly be offered.

So there you have it – how to spot a fakey and when to walk out on a reading.

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